The Mech Ace – HTC Vive Demo

Mech Ace HTC Vive Demo with Room scale and picture in picture movements:

The Mech Ace HTC Vive Demo shows how ‘great’ Virtual Reality can make you feel.


Walking on the Dark Side of the Moon with a Torch, shooting with Laser Guns and entering a giant Mech Robot that is 10 times taller then an average human being.

Move around freely and use big weapons like Swords, Lasers, Mini Guns and Rockets to destroy targets, including enemy Mechs!

Mech Ace Combat – Trainer Edition DEMO on Steam!

Link: Mech Ace VR

XMG Walker at IFA 2016 – HTC Vive with HoloPoint Game – 360 Video:

Note: This is a 360 video recording and works best with browsers that can display 360 content to look around.

Mixed Reality Tech Demo

A Mixed Reality Tech Demo prove of concept mixing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in one game!

Mech Ace VR – Coming soon

Check out the Mech Ace VR – Teaser Trailer

Pixel Jagd (Pixelpokal) QR Game

Welcome to the Pixelpokal!

We’ve hidden 20 QR Codes all around the event.

Look for them and scan them via the app. Can you find them all?

Check out Pixelpokal.de for more informations and upcoming events!

Your Player Name can be only added once at the beginning to avoid cheating.

Apple App Store

Play Store


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