uCalendar – Calendar plugin Unity UI 4.6+ (aka uGUI)

uCalendar – Calendar plugin for the new Unity UI 4.6+ (aka uGUI)

Now available on the Unity Assets Store.

Requires Unity 4.6.3 or higher.

Works with the new Unity GUI system introduced in version 4.6.

uSimpleCalendar helps you to create a simple Calendar Widget out of the box.
No need to code anything, so it makes it easy to just add this prefab anywhere in your project scene.

It has a nice drop down function for the month.

You can also extend the calendar functionalities if you are a programmer.

Features: – Full calendar style customization (day box, current day box, mouse over day box, custom font, calendar background, month box, etc)
– Calendar icon customization
– Totally Culture Adaptable! (US,UK,EU,DE,FR,ES etc)
– Month Drop-Down Select Menu
– Source code commented for customization – Update v1.0.1: Added a text label to the simple icon calendar

This can be used for all kind of projects:
– Serious games
– Apps and non-game applications
– Birthday selector
– Simple date selector
– All application you can think of, that need to use a calendar, it is up to you

Try the WebPlayer demo HERE!